Websites and Web Applications

Website Development Flexible Plans:

We at Infinity Tech Park take websites as passion. We are specialised in all types of website development jobs. 95% of the companies use Joomla and WordPress as their favorite CMS. We also do the same. There are lots of technological developments happened in the CMS. CMS are not like before. They have a bunch of plugins which make the website looks beautiful, and most of them are free. So, you have a lot of choice you’ve ever imagined.

We have developed hundreds of websites matching the passion of the owner. We do website development based on your content and thought process. Most of the times we also show you readymade templates which you can use instantly over your websites. If you already have a domain, its good, if not, we will also purchase web space and domain for you and host your websites in least possible time. We have flexible plans of hosting as well.

Search Engine Optimization:

We have also helped corporates rank their websites by doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is a tricky part and requires lot of expertise and patience to rank. We do it skillfully to your expectations. Many of our customers are happy over our SEO task and their business have reached new heights, their sales have skyrocketed even in this pandemic times of COVID19. They open kindheartedly extend their success stories to us with a fabulous feedback.

Custom Web Applications:

If you think your web application systems are not up to the mark and requires more in terms of features, authorizations, admin panels, we are glad to inform you that we specialize in custom made web applications as well. We design new web systems only. We take the task right from database design to the final hosting. No matter what kind of web applications you require like for example SRM, CRM, Sales Application, Order Processing Tool (For yourself and your suppliers access) etc. We will do it with sparkling success.

To Start with you can find some web applications directly for purchase over our products section.