Refunds Policy

Infinity Tech Park has drafted following refunds Policy. The Refund Policy comes under 2 catagories of Freelancing Work and Software Products.

Refund Policy for Freelancing Work:

  • Infinity Tech Park encourage each of our customers to book a consultation first (which is absolutely free of cost) understand the depth of the solution given and expertise required. We will also intimate you the exact amount for implementing your assignment. This is all done in an effort to minimize your refund requirements. Once a order is placed and payments are made to Infinity Tech Park, it is assumed that you have understood the solution to be provided and the payment made.
  • In this case, Infinity Tech Park will refund 100% of the amount collected only if a refund request is booked within 24 hours of placing the order and making payment, the refund will be processed immediately and you can expect a credit within 4-5 working days in the mode of payment you have done payment. Refunds will not cover the bank and transaction charges which are charged by the bank to Infinity Tech Park.
  • In case Infinity Tech Park is not able to deliver you the contract or freelance assignment deliverables as discussed, we will issue you 100% refund, no questions asked. You can expect a refund within 4-5 working days which will be reversed in your mode of payment excluding bank and transaction charges. Bank and transaction charges are a overhead for us, so it cannot be refunded.

Refund Policy for Software Products Purchased:

  • All the software products which are purchased through our website are made with open source code. Features of the software products are mentioned over the product page in detail for every product. In case you have any doubt or need any features, you need to discuss in advance by contacting us. Products once downloaded will be treated as deliverables delivered, The said products can be opened by you in your favourate editor and can be changed, Please note you cannot re-distribute our products,, our products are not open source products. If any leakage is observed, it will be taken up very seriously by our company. In such a case Infinity Tech Park will not be in a position to issue you a refund for the delivered product. Once product is purchased, we stand behind our product, if you have any query regarding the features of the product which are present in the product page and are not working, we are committed to repair the same at our own cost. Infinity Tech Park will not be liable for any of the features to be delivered which are not mentioned in the product page.