Freelance & Software Product Purchase Terms and Conditions

Prepared for: All our customers who are using freelancing services and purchase software products from our site

Client Company : All our customers who get enrolled to our website by way of registering/ logging in and taking consultation, offloading freelance work and purchase software products from our site

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This Contract (this “Contract” or this “Freelance Contract & Software Products Purchases Contract”), is entered into and made effective as of 1st November 2020, by and between Client.Company and


    Customer has a need for Any type of Information Technology freelancing services or has interest in any of the software products and has an interest in performing such services for Customer; and

    The parties wish to set forth the terms and conditions upon which such services will be provided to Customer;

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing, and the mutual promises herein contained, the parties hereby agree as follows:

Description of Services:

  • Freelancing services related to Information Technology Services.
  • Software Purchases

Deliverables: Completion of Freelance work and Software Downloads.

Project Schedule:

  • For Freelance Assignment has offered free consultation to all our customers before entering into contract to freelancing work. After the customer is satisfied with the consultation and mutually agreed terms are arrived at. This schedule may differ from assignment to assignment depending on the expertise required and features involved. Every individual freelancing project bears different schedules customised to the freelancing work given. Freelancing project schedule allocated for the freelance work given will be applicabble to that project only and will be communicated well in advance to the customers before entering into freelance agreement.

  • For Software Purchases is also offering some custom made shelf ready softwares for our clients to buy and use. Features of such Softwares are mentioned over each page. We offer to sell the software with the features relayed over the product page. We provide every customer free consultation before purchasing any software product relating to suitability of the product for the purchasing benefit of our customers. is committed to make the software perform for the features relayed over the product page and not committed to any extra features which are there in customers mind but not relayed over the product page. We encourage our customers to take free consultation before purchasing any software product. The downloads thereafter purchases are automated. In case there are issues downloading, we are committed to deliver the software product to the registered end user. Contact Us in case any such download issues are there.

Pricing and Rates:

  • For Freelance Assignment.

As every freelance work is unique, Prices and Rates are mutually agreed between and our customers considering the depth and expertise needed for executing freelancing work.

  • For Software Purchases. has taken every effort to make readymade off the shelf custom made software products well in advance considering the standard dire needs of our customers. The prices of all Software Purchases are not negotiable and will be as per the one relayed over the pricing page. In case you have any concerns over prices, kindly contact us before buying any software product.

Payment Terms and Schedule: All payments are 100% advance before starting the work as per the work schedule communicated and software downloads are also available to download after purchasing the same from our products page..


  • For Freelance Assignment.

You are eligible for 100% refund only if a refund is claimed within 24 hours and not beyond that.

You are also eligible for a refund if the deliverables are not as per the committed deliverables and if there is nothing we can do to correct the same.

  • For Software Purchases.

You are not eligible for any refund on any of the software products, the reason being the software product are open code products, you can go and view the code and make changes thereof. So, in this case , once the software products are purchased and downloaded , they are considered as “deliverables delivered”. You can definitely ask for extra features which have come in your mind after purchasing the same and which are not relayed in our products page as a feature of the product., In such a case, we will make the changes if they can be done, and re-deliver you the software product with the changes you have suggested for extra charges which will be mutually discussed and agreed upon.

Terms and Conditions

This Freelance Contract is governed by the terms and conditions provided here.

All legal issues are subject to Pune Jurisdiction only.

Date: 01st November 2020                                                         

Place : Pune